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American Academy of Project Management
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American Academy of Project Management
Master Project Manager is the premium designation for college graduates. Now available to University of California UCSC Silicon Valley Grads from our AApM California Chapter
American Academy of Project Management
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AAPM has 6 Board Certifications & Designations Available from our Academy and the Project Management Comission.

MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™
CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager

CPE Certified Planning Engineer
CRPM Certified Project Risk Manager

CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant
PME Project Manager E-Business

If you desire to improve your professional standing and achieve Project Manager Certification, then the IPMC International Project Management Commission ™ is the place to start. The IPMC is a Global Graduate Board of Standards offering graduate credentials to Project Managers. To earn IPMC and AAPM ™ Project Management Certification, please submit a resume if you have over 3 years of Project Management Industry experience. If not, please take courses from our approved list project management training courses.

To Earn the Project Management Masters Certification - The MPM™ Master Project Manager or CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager Board Certification and Designation. Click Here

Professional, Academic and Executive Waivers for: PM Accredited Degree Holders, Armed Forces and Officers, Professors, Industry Experts, and long-term project managers. Read More

AAPM is the first in the world to Approve and Sanction Specific Accredited Project Management Degree Programs and Training Organizations as meeting our certification requirements. Approved Training Programs Graduates of these training programs can apply for a immediate waiver to obtain the MPM ™ Master Project Manager Designation and Credential See List

News: AAPM has articulation agreement with the International Project Management Commission ™ and the Certified E-Commerce Consultants ™ International to offer Several Project Management Certifications.

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MPM Master Project Manager Courses

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Project Management Director

Sanctioned Project Manager ™ SPM ™

Project Management Designation PMD ™ - Associates Credential

PPM ™ Professional Project Manager ™

Recognized Project Manager ™ RPM ™

Licensed Project Manager ™ LPM ™

Project Manager E-Business PME ™

Project Manager E-Commerce PME ™

Licensed in Project Management ™

IT Project Management ™

Board Certified in Project Management BCPM

Certified International Project Manager CIPM ™

Certified Remote Project Manager CRPM ™

Certified Project Manager Environmental Engineering CPMEE ™

Certified Business Continuity Analyst CBCA ™

Certified Continuous Improvement Assessor CCIA ™

Master Project Manager MPM ™

Certified Project Quality Controller ™ CPQC

Certified - Master Quality Manager MQM ™

Certified - Master Leadership Manager MLM ™

Master Risk Manager MRM ™

Software Testing Fundamentals ™

Certified Test Manager ™ CTM

Certified Project Analyst

Certified Planning Engineer CPE ™

ESI Essentials of Service and Innovation - Techniques ESIT ™

Project Management Analyst PMA ™

Lead Project Manager LPM ™

CPRM ™Certified Project Risk Manager ™

CPRM ™Certified Program Risk Manager ™

CPRA ™ Certified Project Risk Analyst™

Certified Lead Project Manager CLPM ™

Certified Lead Manager CLM ™

Certified Global Project Manager CGPM ™

Global Project Manager GPM ™

Master Project Professional MPP ™

Certified Project Director ™ CPD ™

Certified Project Management Consultant ™ CPMC ™

Construction Project Management ™

Engineering Project Management ™

Government Project Management ™

Certified Project Facilitator CPF ™

Certified Project Technician CPT ™

CPO Certified Project Organizer ™

CPC Certified Project Controller ™

Master Human Resources Manager MHRM ™

CPS Certified Project Supervisor ™
CPC Certified Project Counselor ™
CPC Certified Project Counsellor ™
CPE Certified Project Examiner ™
CPI Certified Project Investigator ™
EPMC Executive Project Management Certification ™
PMC Project Management Certified ™
Registered Accredited Sanctioned Master Degree Chartered

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Project management is a strategically planned effort to finish a specific effort or objective, for example, construct a project for a building or implement a new system. Project management includes creating a project plan including specifying a project goals and objectives, listing and organizing tasks or how plans and objectives will be attained, which resources are needed , and contrasting budgets and timelines for finishing the tasks and project . It also includes facilitating the project plan, along with well thought out controls to remain on the "mission path", that is, to ensure the tasks, goals and projects are being managed according to plan. Project management usually comes after major phases and a feasibility study, project planning, implementation, analysis, evaluation and maintenance. (Program planning is usually of a larger scope than project planning.



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